Benefits of IV therapy

Directly receive vitamins and minerals

One of the many pros of IV therapy includes directly receiving vitamins and minerals into your system. Once the nutrients are chosen, a member of our staff will initiate the therapy that will flow straight into the bloodstream, making treatment take place faster. This also ensures the maximum benefit of the treatment is received.

Faster treatment

Since IV therapy can be administered directly to the bloodstream, this makes treatment happen faster, aiding in quickly improving the overall health of the patient. In turn, the patient experiences a better quality of life as they continue day-to-day functions.

Decreased side effects

Given that IV therapy is direct, the chances for the occurrence of side effects are decreased. This makes receiving treatment easier as the vitamins do not enter the stomach or intestines, and won’t cause side effects such as:

● Diarrhea
● Nausea
● Cramps
● Upset stomach

Another reason IV therapy is preferred is that it’s easier to administer large quantities of certain supplements. Research has shown that blood and tissue require certain amounts of vitamins for optimal health and function. By injecting larger doses of vitamins than what can be taken orally, and helping the body absorb higher amounts, health is restored and/or maintained at more rapid speeds. This is essential for individuals who have trouble absorbing nutrients from traditional supplements in pill form, or who need higher doses due to a medical condition.

At NuWave Medical, our staff will gladly explain our IV therapy options to you. Please contact us to get started on your treatments for a better you.

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