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We Specialize In BioTE® Hormone Treatment

Embark on a transformative wellness journey with NuWave Medical, your trusted destination for BioTE® hormone therapy services in Commack, NY. As a certified provider of BioTE®, a pioneering force in precision and preventive medicine, we specialize in optimizing health through advanced solutions like BioTE® hormone implants, pellets, and supplements. Explore the benefits of BioTE® hormone pellets for weight loss, tailored to support your unique needs. Take control of your health today – schedule a consultation with NuWave Medical and discover how our expertise can enhance your vitality and well-being.

Biote treatment image from NuWave, a chiropractic wellness center

What Is BioTE® Hormone Replacement Therapy?

BioTE® hormone replacement therapy is a precise and personalized approach to hormone optimization. This therapy aims to restore hormonal balance in the body by utilizing bioidentical hormone pellets. Bioidentical hormones are structurally identical to the hormones naturally produced by the body, promoting a more natural and effective integration. Administered through a simple in-office procedure, the pellets release a consistent and customized dose of hormones, providing sustained benefits for both men and women.

Symptoms of Hormone Imbalance

Hormone imbalance can manifest in various ways, impacting both physical and emotional well-being. Common symptoms include fatigue, where individuals may experience persistent tiredness and a lack of energy, often hindering daily activities and productivity.

  • Mood Swings – Hormone imbalances can contribute to mood fluctuations, leading to sudden changes in emotions and overall mood stability.
  • Weight Gain or Difficulty Losing Weight – Disruptions in hormonal levels may affect metabolism, making it challenging to maintain or achieve a healthy weight loss despite efforts in diet and exercise.
  • Irregular Sleep Patterns – Hormonal shifts can disrupt sleep cycles, causing difficulties in falling asleep, staying asleep, or experiencing restful sleep, leading to increased fatigue.
  • Decreased Libido – Hormone imbalances may contribute to a reduced interest in sexual activity, impacting relationships and overall quality of life.
  • Changes In Skin and Hair – Hormonal fluctuations can manifest in skin issues like acne or dryness and affect hair health, leading to excessive shedding or changes in texture.
Biote provider photo at NuWave Medical, an aesthetic medical spa

Who Should Take This Treatment

BioTE® hormone replacement therapy is suitable for individuals experiencing symptoms of hormonal imbalance, such as persistent fatigue, mood swings, weight fluctuations, sleep disturbances, decreased libido, and skin/hair changes. This treatment is tailored for men and women seeking a natural and effective solution to these symptoms. Consultation with a healthcare provider can help determine if BioTE® hormone replacement therapy is the right choice for you.

What Precautions Can Be Taken

Before undergoing BioTE® hormone replacement therapy, it is essential to consult with a qualified healthcare provider to assess your medical history and determine suitability. Precautions include discussing existing medical conditions, medications, and any history of hormone-related cancers. Regular monitoring and follow-up appointments are recommended to ensure the therapy’s effectiveness and adjust hormone levels as needed. Patients should communicate any unusual symptoms promptly. Pregnant or breastfeeding individuals and those with certain medical conditions may need alternative hormone management strategies.

Contact NuWave Medical to Get Started

Elevate your well-being with NuWave Medical, your dedicated partner in BioTE® hormone therapy services in Commack, NY. Our commitment to precision and preventive medicine is exemplified through our certified provision of BioTE® hormone supplements, offering you a personalized approach to optimal health. We understand that your health journey is unique, and our expertise in BioTE® therapies is here to empower you. Your journey to well-being awaits—contact us today and discover how NuWave Medical can guide you toward a balanced and fulfilling life.

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