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Anti-Aging Bundle (2-month supply)

What’s Included? –  Sermorelin & NAD Troche

Sermorelin is a peptide hormone that is structurally similar to growth hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH).  It can be used for improving wound healing, reducing fat mass, increasing muscle mass, increased lean body mass, Increase of strength and endurance and Improvement of sleep quality.

NAD+ can directly and indirectly influence many key cellular functions, including metabolic pathways, DNA repair, chromatin remodeling, cellular senescence, and immune cell function. These cellular processes and functions are critical for maintaining tissue and metabolic homeostasis and for healthy ageing.NAD can improve mental clarity, alertness, concentration, and memory. Moreover, NAD may improve athletic endurance and reverse the symptoms of chronic fatigue.

What are benefits of glutathione?

  • Antioxidant activity. Free radicals may contribute to aging and some diseases. …
  • Preventing cancer progression. …
  • Reducing cell damage in liver disease. …
  • Improving insulin sensitivity. …
  • Reducing symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. …
  • Reducing ulcerative colitis damage. …

Anti-Aging Bundle 2 **Includes DHEA instead of NAD**

What’s included? – DHEA

People use DHEA as an anti-aging therapy and to improve physical performance. DHEA is also used to treat depression and symptoms of menopause.

DHEA may help improve mood, fatigue, and well-being.

Sermorelin Injectable

What’s included? 1 month Supply (20 Doses)  M-F , Off Sat/Sun

Sermorelin is another powerful peptide used to help augment human growth hormone (HGH) production. Just like ipamorelin, sermorelin is a growth hormone peptide, but it works differently in the body by stimulating GHRH instead of ghrelin. This stimulates growth hormone release from the pituitary gland. Benefits of sermorelin therapy include decreased body fat, increased endurance and strength, increased lean muscle mass, and improved sleep.

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