How can antioxidants

Our skin does a lot for us on a daily basis. It helps to ensure we do not lose essential fluids our body needs, regulates body temperature, helps to remove toxic substances through sweat, and even protects us from radiation and the negative effects of the sun.

While it may be a hardworking organ, it isn’t indestructible. Let’s take a look at how using antioxidants can help to improve our skin.

Treatment for Scars

The scars on our bodies will typically have a very rigid texture. This is caused by scar tissue having a different cell structure than healthy skin. By using antioxidants on scars, we can help to increase the blood flow to the tissue and help to blend in new skin development and thereby reducing the appearance of scars.

Wrinkle Reduction

While making wrinkles completely disappear is nearly impossible, using antioxidants can help reduce their appearance. By applying antioxidants that also contain vitamins C and E, the skin can be plumped and made to look more youthful.


One of the best benefits antioxidants provide to our skin is its properties as an anti-inflammatory. Antioxidants help to increase cell metabolism and increase circulation, thereby reducing inflammation and helping to promote even skin tones.

Sun Damage Repair

The sun can be harsh on the skin. It can damage cells, cause dry skin, and can cause the skin to have an aged appearance. By using products containing antioxidants, we are able to repair some of this damage caused by the sun.

These are just a few of the ways antioxidants can help repair or improve our skin. The longer we let our skin go unprotected or unrepaired, the harder it is to repair it. Visit us today to learn more about how your skin can be protected.

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